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A Rahven HIC knife is hygienic, hard and lives forever.

With a clean and sharp cutting edge made of High Impact Ceramic, the blade cuts like a razor cuts, the cutting is clean and precise.

The cutting edge and the low weight ensure that the precise cutting of fibres, ripe tomatoes, large carrots, fresh fish or chicken breast no longer requires time and energy, and is a very satisfying experience. ​

The most important exceptional property of High Impact Ceramics is their elastic behavior and impact resistance. These characteristics are completely new for ceramic knives and are better than metal knives, since HIC ceramic knives do not cause irreversible deformation.

A high resistance to impacts and a very superior hardness ensure a blade service life much longer than that of the  knives the world of cuisine is used to.

A world that is now happy to have durable, resistant and lightweight adapted tools to create extraordinary dishes.

HIC - High Impact Ceramics originate from pioneering technologies and are the future in cutting applications.

A 18 cm blade can bend more than 5 cm at the tip, and more than 1 cm in the middle.

The property that makes High Impact Ceramics impact-resistant can be found in the material properties: cracks do not propagate after an impact. ​

Where the usual breaks, the High Impact Ceramic retains the mechanical strength resistance. 

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