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Our knives are ideal for prepping fruits, vegetables and boneless meet, in a top-down cutting motion.

Use your knife with a plastic or wood cutting board.

Avoid dropping the knife on hard surfaces, use the tip as pivot tool or apply twisting forces and important shocks.


Wash your knife with water and dish soap.


Store your knife in a knife block or a tray, keeping it protected with the blade cover and/or in a knife wrap. It is not recommended to store it loose in a drawer as it can get damaged, or cause injuries.


Ceramic knives, and especially those in High Impact Ceramic HIC, are made to last very longer than a stainless-steel blade. Advantage with ceramics is that even if microchips can appear on the edge, your knife will still cut well.   

But if you want to maintain the ultra-sharp edge, you can send the knife to our factory and we will resharpen it (prices and conditions upon request at

We are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from inappropriate usage.


We thank you for choosing Rahven and we wish you a great time with this unique tool.

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